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AleackmSC started this conversation
I'm a single mom with 3 kids, I stopped college temp.because of medical prob. and because my daughter was just born. My diagnosis will not allow me to pursue Veterinary career,so I'm going to counsel troubled teens. I'm trying to rebuild our lives we just got our home back,but I'm going to need a little help with the rest. I'm a very driven person and I know I can get there because I have the will and drive.
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alyssa95   in reply to AleackmSC
Good,the panic attacks r better but I'm still having them. I got one earlier in Walmart.and thank u:)
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AleackmSC   in reply to alyssa95
How've you been ?? How about your panic attacks are they better? I have been praying for you, trying to send you strength, I hope your praying also, you'd be surprised how much lighter your heart feels when you speak to him.
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